Thursday, November 10, 2005

Diamond Mine

A frog's mouth is very large--
a diamond mine
with two rows of teeth

flies, moths, beetles
cover a long, sticky tongue
like salt


  1. oh joy...
    another blog on the block
    to blink on my bloc.

  2. Does the blog program automatically re-size your art? Because everything is showing up as blocky stretchies. It's messing with your message, man!


  3. Is this better? I had to make it smaller for it to be clearer.

    I'm struggling a bit with file size vs. screen size vs. quality. Any suggestions from anyone?

  4. You need to figure out the maximum size the image can be here on your blog. Then, rather than saving the image on your computer as a certain size, then re-sizing it on the blog or letting the blog re-size it automatically, you need to have the image saved in those exact "maximum allowed" dimensions.

    Example: if the biggest you can make a blog-image is 6"x6", you should save the image on your hard drive as a 6"x6", so when it uploads to the blog the clarity and brilliance of the original will be retained.