Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Not This One



    It's the hoppy-frog wooden-clog hollow-log foggy-bog groggy-dog mental-jog OTIS-BLOOOOGGGGG!!!

    I see this blog is all about down-to-earth nicknames that really get to the core of one's personality. Such as "Quiet Girl," which is just about the most accurate thing anyone could call you. Now Johnbai can be renamed "Sunshine," and Clay can start using a more realistic alias like "Shy Violet."

    As for the art, I like how the letters spell "F R I E D" around that turkey. Not sure why the "N" is in there. Does that stand for "No mashed potatoes please, I'm on a diet?"

    Soapy ... I mean ... Crack Whore

  2. Fried turkey, that Thanksgiving treat!

    Hooray for Courtney and more art in the world.

  3. There's a new insurance commercial about how many homes were burned down last year as people attempted to deep fat fry their Thanksgiving turkey.

    This would never happen in a world made of Tofurky.

  4. Hi Courtney,

    Glad you are taking this leap.

    It is good to see a blog that has more to offer visual learners. You are leading the fight against the den of textualists....

    Alright that last reference may not make much sense, yet it would be hilarious if you had been in my first few grad courses.