Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Different Colors

Thanks for your feedback re: my new logo!
I did happen to make other circle colors.
Do you like either of these better than the blue one (below)?


  1. They're all nice, but I like the yellow circled one best. Yellow sun is of course obvious, but I like it because it's light and airy; the red/magenta is too dark and heavy. (I would also probably like a light green circle as well, if you want to avoid the yellow.)

  2. I'm still going with the blue: less jarring.


  3. I like the blue version more than the yellow or brown.

    Now, when your t-shirts have circulated around the Seattle area for a few months and the design is well-known and threatens to grow stale, I suggest you stealthily swap out the blue circle t-shirts for yellows and browns to put a spark of freshness into your marketing campaign. One must keep one's fans slightly off-guard to maintain their interest!


  4. I prefer the yellow. It radiates warmth, and the sense of looking skyward at a rising bird.

    The blue is beautiful, pristine, cleansing, but it feels cold when it dominates. Perhaps a bit less?

    Loved the passion and floral elements of magenta. Think it better for a flower arrangment? A color scheme on a dress?

  5. You are all so very smart and savvy! Thank you for your responses. I'm trying to make a decision between the blue and yellow--and may very well use both, but in different contexts (i.e. website, business cards, etc.)

    Now, on to creating some *NEW* art...if I can find the time!