Monday, May 01, 2006

Totem Animals

I scored as DEER:

You are the Deer. You tend to be very gentle with other animals of your domain and are also considered the innocent one, which is a good thing. You tend to be able to perceive more than others, which is a handy skill.

Deer: 100%,
Eagle: 100% Dog: 92% Salmon: 83% Crow: 83% Fox: 75% Bear: 67% Wolf: 67% Stag: 58% Dragon: 58% Horse: 50% Ram: 50% Bull: 42% Snake: 42%

Which animal totem best suits you?


  1. I scored as Eagle.

    You are the Eagle. People respect you and for good reason. You are a creative person who likes to do things abstractly. You tend to be a healer, either with yourself or with others.

    Eagle 92%
    Crow 83%
    Bear 83%
    Horse 83%
    Fox 75%
    Salmon 67%
    Dragon 67%
    Dog 67%
    Stag 67%
    Deer 50%

    (I left off the smaller stuff)

  2. I scored as Crow.

    You are the Crow. You are able to discover your own character and help others find themselves as well. You are very creative in the field you are in and tend to be the intelligent one of the bunch.
    Crow 83%
    Eagle 75%
    Dragon 75%
    Dog 75%
    Wolf 75%
    Fox 67%
    Deer 58%
    Salmon 58%
    Bear 50%
    Bull 50%
    Horse 50%
    Stag 50%
    Ram 42%
    Snake 33%

    however, this was the third time I took it and the first two times I scored Dragon, then Wolf. None of them seem completely right or completely wrong but this seemed closer.
    BTW, congrats on your certification!

  3. Where does one go to do such things as score totem animals?

  4. Oh, just click on the link, duh!

    You are the Bull. You have courage through tough situations and the ability to be prosperous in those situations. You can never have too much as abundance is something you cherish.

    Bull 83%
    Dragon 75%
    Ram 75%
    Fox 75%
    Horse 67%
    Dog 67%
    Eagle 67%
    Salmon 67%
    Bear 58%
    Snake 58%
    Deer 58%
    Stag 58%
    Crow 42%
    Wolf 25%