Sunday, December 03, 2006


I believe it was the poet Richard Hugo* who wrote that a poet writes the same poem over and over throughout her lifetime. In essence, he means that as artists, we often reckon with the same issue over and over in our creations. Each creation may look or sound very different, but there may be an undercurrent of the same question we seek to understand.

I resonate with this idea in my writing and visual art. The above piece is the cover of one of the artist books I created in college, almost 10 years ago. The idea/concept of silence and silencing is always present when I create. As I seek to understand it, I dig deeper and deeper into my work--and into myself. I wonder what my work will look like in 20 years; will I understand the silence that rests inside of me any more fully?

What themes/issues re-surface for you in your creations?

* From Richard Hugo’s book, The Triggering Town.


  1. "Richard Hugo* who wrote that a poet writes the same poem over and over throughout her lifetime."

    This point is also made in a novel I just finished by Chuck Palahniuk called "Diary." I have to admit I believe it. Themes have naturally arisen in my literature, photography, music, and sense of humor that I did not intend. Hugo was definitely on to something!


  2. Happy Birthday girl!

  3. Sad and beautiful flavors, cellos and hippopotami. Obesity. Praying. Sex. Contortions. Extrusion. Vapor. Roots.

  4. Silence, women, birds, menstruation, oppression, repression, birth/re-birth, wings.

    Anyone else out there care to share their themes?

  5. confusion / ghosts / hatred / speed / dragons / whimsy / eyes / horror / juxtaposition / your mom

    / soapy