Friday, December 15, 2006

Wind-Blown Art Walkers!

Last night, despite horizontal sheets of rain and impressive gusts of wind, Walaka and I prepared for my very first art show as part of the Roosevelt Art Walk. We set up the wine and food, lit the candles, labeled the art, placed signs indoors and outside, and come 6:00, we waited. And, then the first guests arrived at 6:30.

While no art-walkers from the neighborhood stopped by, about 15 invited guests braved the weather and were able to make it. It was a very sweet night, and I thank all of you--whether you were able to make it or not--for your support. What once seemed like a scary prospect to me (putting myself and my art out there) now feels much more doable, comfortable, and exciting.

I will have another show in January or February, with many of the same collages and some new pieces as well. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate next time!

(Click on photographs above to see larger images.)


  1. Hiyee,
    Sorry I missed your opening. We lost power and were without for a few days. Now we just lose it when I'm doing something that requires electricity.
    Were you freakin' before 6:30. Were you nervous when people looked closely at your work? Were you able to stand near and hear what they were saying or did you run to the other side of the room to avoid possibly hearing something you might not want to?
    Are you really feeling easier about it now? Binky

  2. Binky,

    So glad you have power now!

    Good questions re: my emotional state before and during the art show. You know, my greatest challenge during the show was that I am such an introvert when it comes to social situations. I would prefer to sit in the corner and watch people, pet the cat, or write. Each time I need to, I do accept the challenge of being social, but it really wipes me out after several hours.

    I heard a detail about Emily Dickinson that I really resonate with. Apparently, she was very shy as well and after reading her poems to an audience, she would retreat to a corner by herself and not talk to anyone.

    For some reason, I did not worry what people might say about my work. Because I invited supportive friends (and they were the only ones who showed up), I did not have to worry about strangers assessing my work this time. I do, however, want people from the neighborhood to come to a show; perhaps when they do I will feel differently.

    How do you feel when you show your work?

    These are such interesting questions. I am going to think about them some more.


  3. Very cool idea!

    kkujijgi - south seas dish

  4. I haven't shown my work much at all. Like you, I have never minded spending most of my time in my head. I just know that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get some stuff out there. For many years noone even knew I did my own stuff. I just never mentioned it. Didn't really think to. Everyone knew Marc painted.
    I have a show for the month of Feb with some other people. I'm not ready for it. It has to be all nudes. I'm leaving for a couple weeks after Christmas so I'll just have to get home and get some stuff ready.
    Marc and I have a show for the month of May for the City of Mountlake Terrace. I can put anything I want there.
    I have not been able to stand by and listen to strangers comments. I'm told I should. I guesss it's time to just go for it. 2007 will be the year. (I hope)
    I sure get how exhausting being with people can be, eeven if you like them. Binky

  5. Wow -- how amazing how much you are showing your work these days, Binky! I imagine that it is both exhausting and exciting.

    I think 2007 is to be a more action-oriented, extroverted year for me, too. I want to get myself (and my work: poetry and art) out there much more. And, I think I need to do much more networking and being out in the world for my massage business. Yikes!

    Perhaps we can share our milestones with each other.

    Anyone else out there in a place where they wish to take more risks in 2007? I imagine Soapy is one of those brave souls re: his creations and creativity.