Friday, March 09, 2007

The Flock has Flown

Last night was my second art show as part of the Roosevelt Art Walk, and today I am most certainly recovering from the shock of the event.

Not only did about 26 people show up for the event, but a few art walkers actually joined in as well. The house was crawling with friends, family, and strangers who were viewing art, eating, drinking, playing with magnetic poetry, entering to win a free massage, buying art greeting cards and postcards, and most surprisingly, buying art pieces. Last night I sold seven art pieces. Between 8:00pm and 9:00pm, my collages began disappearing from the walls. Patrons were coveting them, holding them to their chests, and lining up in front of Walaka to purchase them. It all happened to so quickly. I felt that my eyebrows were permanently raised the rest of the evening.

Suddenly, our walls looked very bare.

And I said goodbye to seven from my faithful flock one by one as they left with their new owners to live in new homes.


"She Learns to Love Her Body"
"Some Kind of King"
"Self-Love Valentine"
"Stitching My Life Back Together"
"Bird Angel"
"Her Life in the Shadows"
"Ghost Pigeon"


  1. Congratulations you wonderful and deserving artist!
    They say that if it hurts to give them up, you don't make enough of them. It is a big good-bye though isn't it? Mrs. B

  2. Great job Courtney. I'm so proud of you!!

  3. Sweet sales girl. 7 pieces per show is your new mark. Now go make lots more art so you can keep selling 7 per show... 4 shows per year! Then you'll get rich, and my art collection will rise in value.

  4. Courtney's quote of the night, spoken in a daze:

    "This is SO bizarre..."