Sunday, May 20, 2007


This piece has many layers -- many versions. My approach to creating art is much like stream-of-consciousness writing: I rarely make a plan for my creations, I just jump in and see what happens. So, what's lovely about mixed media collage and encaustic art is that it's so easy to create something and then paint or collage right over it. In this piece, many different scenes took place, including a geisha holding twine and at one point there was a bright green color. The geisha and twine are still there, just embedded in wax and pigment. This final piece represents the sixth or eighth layer.

How do you create? Do you make careful plans or outlines or do you jump in with your eyes closed?


  1. I see the angel in the marble and carve until I set him free.


  2. Ah yes, Soapy. A lovely image indeed. However, I had thought perhaps demons would be part of your process as well, hence your "tormented by demons blog.

    :-) Courtney