Friday, June 15, 2007

Art Show Deliciousness

Yesterday I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my home-based massage business, Rising Bird Healing Arts by hosting my third art show as part of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Art Walk. It was a lovely event, with many in attendance. What made the evening even more dynamic was the fact that Raku potter Katherine Hanson displayed her amazing pots. Her pots and my mixed media and encaustic creations complemented each other quite well, and I enjoyed sharing the spotlight with another budding artist. For those of you who know me well, large social gatherings such as these art walks tend to wipe me out, introvert as I am. But I do love the way people come together to enjoy and support the arts. And I love preparing for the show by creating new pieces and decorating the house with my creations.

It does feel like these neighborhood art walks are catching on. I do wonder, though, how many people are actually participating in the art walks. I think we had four art walkers last night (the majority of those in attendance where people Katherine and I had personally invited). Unlike the other businesses participating in the art walk (cafes, stores, restaurants, etc.), my business is not open to the public on a daily basis, so my art is only available for public viewing one night every three months (I only participate once a season). So I'm finding myself musing a bit about finding venues out of my home to display my work. Coffee shops seem like great places to display work. I am beginning to start a list of venues to explore. If you have any ideas for places that you think would be good to display/sell my art, feel free to post your ideas here or shoot me an email.

Thank you for all who attended the event last night and for those who could not attend, but sent their good wishes. Your support is invaluable. And a special thanks to my partner, who spent his first day of summer break helping me prepare for the event. Your enthusiasm about and support of my art and my massage business keeps me engaged, inspired, and grounded.

Art (clockwise from top): close-up of "Guarding the Nest," mixed media painting with wax; Raku pots; "Creative Offspring," mixed media collage with wax.


  1. Other venues to explore: Yoga or pilates dojos. Lamaze classrooms. Halfway houses. Chicken coops. Petco. The Graham Visitors Center or any facility at the Washington Park Arboretum. Buddhist temples. The Museum of Natural History. Popeye's.


  2. Thanks for these suggestions, Soapy!

    I think my first venue will be a chicken coop. Chicken coops tend to be so dank and dreary; they could use some livening up. :-)