Friday, June 29, 2007

A Kaleidoscope of Collage

I'm in the lovely city of Portland, OR today and found myself in a store called New Renaissance Bookshop: The Conscious Living Store. This shop is very similar in feel (and content) to Seattle's EastWest Bookstore, so I felt right at home among the incense, creativity candles, and rose quartz hearts. New Renaissance has a large "creativity section," with shelves stocked with books on writing, art, and general creative expression. I seemed to return to this section over and over and found myself drawn to a particular art book called Kaleidescope: Ideas and Projects to Spark Your Creativity by Suzanne Simanaitis. After returning to this book about five times, I figured I was called to it or it was called to me. So, I bought it.

It's a colorful, image-plentiful book, packed with collages, writing, and ideas for collage projects. The author is the creator of the award-winning ARTitude Zine, a wonderful magazine I picked up years ago when I was just beginning to immerse myself in the collage world.

Let the creativity begin!

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