Saturday, August 11, 2007

Memory Flies

Text in collage reads: "I held the sound in my memory."

The piece above (titled "Holding the Sound") left the artistic flock Thursday night at Rising Bird Healing Arts during my fourth art show. I know it has found a loving new nest where it can live out its days.

The art show went quite well, with several real, live Roosevelt Art Walkers this time! I showed about 25 mixed media pieces and Katherine showed about 15 beautiful raku pots.

A special thanks to Mr. Soap Y. Steve for his help during the event.


  1. I like this piece. I recently saw a Joseph Cornell exhibition and especially loved his work on birds. Birds!

  2. Thank you, Electric Goose! I love Joseph Cornell's work; I'm jealous that you've seen his work up close and personal. Yes -- birds!


  3. I mean, thank you Electronic Goose, not Electric Goose.

    A sublte, yet important difference!