Friday, August 03, 2007

Respite and Rejection

This art piece above represents my latest bout of creative productivity. I love how well the colors blend together to reflect the vibrancy of my creative life at the moment.


"While we love your poetry submission, we regret to say that we will not be including your poems in our publication at this time."

This quote above represents the fourth time a certain literary journal has held my poems for further consideration and ultimately did not select them for publication.

But, I hear rejection builds character (or at least my mother tells me so). Sending our work out into the world and having it return is a sign of movement and positive intention. It means we are creating. So, let us all keep creating, risking rejections and all.


  1. Awesome blizzard! I like the polar bear too, but you should have given him some kind of hat, or maybe spectacles, cause I can barely make out his smile.

  2. Wait, wait, I meant panda! I knew something was off with those eyes...

  3. You saw the panda, but not the snow geese eating white chocolate truffles?