Saturday, August 18, 2007

Story Art

There's a story in this piece, but I am not sure what it is. Tonight I created this piece and then showed it to my partner. "What's happening here?" I asked, pointing to the collage. "It looks like the creature is going to eat the rooster," he said. "Interesting," I said, "the creature doesn't look mean...or hungry to me. I think maybe he's going to pet the rooster." We both shrugged our shoulders and kept staring at the story in front of us.

Often I create an art piece and don't know what story I am telling. It's as if my intellectual mind hasn't caught up with my creative impulses. So, just as I asked my partner tonight, I ask you what do you think is happening in this piece? Observations, stories, and poems welcome.


  1. I think the rooster is the creature's manager giving last minute suggestions before its latest audition. But I am still not quite sure what it is auditioning for.

  2. It's Lennie from
    "Of Mice and Men"! Emotionally harmless, and yet...

    I love this piece.

  3. I think bear is a little tired from his long day but when he saw rooster he sensed that rooster just needed a little lift. Bear knows from experience that time spent with friends is time well spent.
    They're going to go have a glass of wine. Rooster likes merlot but bear likes cabernet so they are going to drink both bottles. Mrs. B

  4. Fascinating interpretations!

    Any more out there?


  5. It's a dance competition. The rooster is really strutting his stuff, and his best friend the bear is so pleased that he's finally had the guts to get out there and show his art to the world.

  6. Neds ~

    Oh yes, I see that dance competition now.

    I think many of us need to follow Rooster's example and "strut our stuff" a bit more. I'll try this out a bit this week and see how it goes.