Saturday, September 22, 2007

"See to Peace" Part of Online Peace Exhibit

I've had a mixed media collage accepted as part of the "A Peace Of..." online art exhibit. Kara and Hawk Jones of Kota Press curated this show and I'm so glad to have participated.

Here is the statement of purpose for the "A Peace Of..." Art Exhibit from the "A Peace Of..." Blog:

"To showcase visual artistic representations of the effect/affect of peace on each of us individually, on our communities, and on the global level. Because this show will explore peace, it may also be looking at why there is a need for peace - how war and violence affect us all as human beings, how our community is then constantly addressing recovery & healing. And what might it mean for all of us if we instead lived in a non-violent world, how much more productive might we be as a species?"

A larger version of my piece, including my artistic statement can be found here.

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  1. Beautiful piece, Peace. I am especially glad that you wrote your thoughts on your page and the Peace page. They're so nice to hear again. You've been quiet. Mrs. B