Friday, October 05, 2007

The Fruitful Darkness

On Tuesday I went to a "Muse Studio" hosted by Alia Calender, a Soul Collage facilitator and life coach. This three-hour workshop was titled, "The Fruitful Darkness," a fitting theme for me during this difficult summer-to-fall transition time.

During the workshop we were asked to contemplate what the darkness means to us. Are there fears we have of the dark in general or of the fall or winter in particular? How might the darkness be "fruitful"? What gifts does darkness bring?

Alia also asked a profound question: "On a societal level, do you agree that we live in a very 'solar,' extroverted culture that has a hard time with the dark, the mystery, unknowing, non-doing, nighttime/winter, etc.?" I find that this is often true. What do you think?

After some contemplation, discussion, and lighting of candles, we explored our relationship to darkness through collage. For this particular workshop, we created in silence, allowing the energy of the others around us to keep us going. We clipped, cut, tore, arranged, and glued until it was time to share our creations with one another.

Here are my three creations (and their voices/messages):

I hold the key to my well-being. I am safe. Aloneness is not loneliness.

I see things as they are. Each moment is new and I am new.

I am night -- a mystery only the stars can solve.

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