Wednesday, January 23, 2008


mixed media collage, 6" x 8"

I seem to be writing a book.

I'm keeping all the details to myself mostly because I need that "internal pressure." In the past when I told the world all about my creations, I sometimes ended up feeling like I'd given too much away -- including my excited energy -- and I ended up losing interest in the project. Or, more commonly, I was so sensitive to other people's responses to my ideas that I felt crushed if someone didn't have the exact response I was looking for. Sigh.

So I'm keeping the juicy details of this book to myself, but I do feel that sharing my process is helpful -- and a bit therapeutic. I created the above piece tonight while reflecting on how I see this book coming to fruition. I am trying to keep my energy up, my goals in tact, and my stamina strong. I am also trying to remember why it is that I am writing this book so I don't get lost in this process of editing, submitting, etc.

Right now I am undertaking the most difficult task of writing the book proposal I will submit to publishers. I find that writing a book proposal is a not only challenging, but a bit disorienting. Writing the proposal feels a bit like writing a resume in that I have to justify, qualify, and quantify my existence. Okay, maybe not my existence, but my writerly life. A friend of mine gave me the sage advice to pretend that I am writing about someone else instead of myself. That has helped a bit. But I find it so challenging to present myself as, well, competent. I wish I had a big, fat ego for this project. Can anyone spare their ego for a few weeks? Send me an email if you're willing to let me borrow it.

In the meantime, I will continue to write and sigh and scream and laugh and wordsmith my way through this process. And I might, in little breakthrough moments along the way, dance a little jig.


  1. I always enjoy your post so much. Beautiful art and thought provoking words.

  2. I know what you mean about sharing the details.

    Sometimes, I feel like telling someone too much about the idea of your book can ruin the internal pressure you feel to write it... like you've already released the ideas into the world... so now it's anticlimactic to go back and write it all down.

  3. Interesting thoughts. Something I should definitely think about taking on board for myself. I look forward to the unveiling and hope you continue to enjoy the process.

  4. You're one of our most talented writers, so it's about damn time.

    (word verification: pepya! yes ma'm, that's what we're trying to do!)

  5. Yes, Yes, a book! We'll keep plodding through, you and me, each Monday until it bursts into the world.