Friday, February 15, 2008

My Dad and the Shark Bite

mixed media collage with wax, 4" x 5"

This passage below makes me think of my father. For one thing, my father resembles Hemingway in some ways; and two, my father's impressive incision from his recent kidney surgery runs from left to right, all the way across his abdomen and the staples look like shark teeth.

Excerpt from Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea:

They sailed well and the old man soaked his hands in the salt water and tried to keep his head clear. There were high cumulus clouds and enough cirrus above them so that the old man knew the breeze would last all night. The old man looked at the fish constantly to make sure it was true. It was an hour before the first shark hit him.
The shark was not an accident. He had come up from deep down in the water as the dark cloud of blood had settled and dispersed in the mile deep sea He had come up so fast and absolutely without caution that he broke the surface of the blue water and was in the sun. Then he fell back into the sea and picked up the scent and started swimming on the course the skiff and the fish had taken.


  1. Photograph the fresh stapling, up close, in full color. You'll long for that neat sharkbite analogy when the wound heals to a boring slightly-discolored blotch.

  2. "The shark was not an accident."

    They never are, are they?

    Take good care. Eat. Enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine while we have it.

    You're healing, too, after all.