Friday, April 25, 2008

Desired: Your Art!

"Inner Critic," mixed media collage, 6" x 7"

In my role as Ms. Healer-type (as opposed to Ms. Artist-type -- although I certainly see the two as being interconnected) over in Rising Bird and Healing Nest lands, I offered some writing and art prompts and suggested that people submit their creations for my next issue of my "Healing Nest" e-newsletter this May. I have a lovely writing submission I am excited to share in the newsletter, but I have yet to receive any art submissions (so sad). Might this exercise strike your fancy and spur you to want to share your creation? Please consider sharing your art on this blog and/or submit it for my next newsletter issue.

Art Prompt: “Inner Critic”
Create a visual depiction of your inner critic. Using the art method of your choice (painting, collaging, drawing, sculpting, etc.), give your inner critic a form. Does your critic look like a human being? An animal? A pattern of some kind? When I did this exercise in my college days, my inner critic looked like a stern baseball coach. In my crayon drawing, he was blowing a whistle and pointing at me. It was freeing to see this voice of criticism in visual form; in many ways my critic lost much of its power because I “unveiled” him. What about you? Who has your inner critic been lately? Who or what is it today?

Submission guidelines: Submit your art in .jpg format via attachment or as a link to your blog or Flickr account. Email submissions to and write "Spring Newsletter Submission" in the subject line. Thanks!


  1. Here's my stab at this prompt, and it sure was fun!

  2. I am enjoying your challenges and am tempted to go for it ;-)
    Thank you

  3. most certainly you can include my critic in your newsletter, as well as link me to your blog :)

    and I do think that it takes away her power, now that I have unmasked her. she seems a lot smaller to me than when she's yelling in my ear :0