Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Intention

I created this box in February, just after my second Abundance Box Workshop. This abundance box is dedicated to my dad and I consider it his "Health Box." Inside, I have placed my words of hope and intention for his healing. During my dad's 35-day stay in the hospital, I placed this abundance box prominently on the mantle with a green candle next to it. I never let the fire die, even when I switched from one candle to another.

Now, I'm thinking it's about time to open the box up and re-examine the intentions inside. Perhaps new words and visions need to be added and existing ones removed or replaced. And here's the bigger question: should I also place statements of intention for my own healing in this box or should I make my own "healing box"? Hmmmm....

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful piece, Courtney! I love the idea of a healing box. In the past, I've made "memory" boxes for some of the families we've helped and thru the program Tera Leigh founded over at:


    But I never thought about using the boxes as tools for healing. Wonderful.

    Have you seen the post over at Meg Casey's blog about the ritual of 49 wishes or prayers? For some reason, I thought of that post when reading about your process of adding to the box... she wrote about it at:


    Lots of miracles to you -- and of course distance Reiki to you and y our dad!