Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sun on the Brain

"Sun Totem," 8" x 8" painting

All I can think about is sunshine these days. It's an overused rant this season, I know: "Where is the damn sun?! It's spring! Spring!" But, it really must be done. As a Northwest S.A.D.-ite, I've have had enough. And the thing of it is, the "blahs" creep in so slyly. The heavy, gray energy outside leaks through the windows and enters my brain. I tell you, I've seen it! It's called brain fog or lethargy gas. Do you have this, too?

So, truly, sunshine is on my mind all day. I want it see it blazing full force; I want to feel its radiance on my skin. I want the world to become unreal and charged with electric color again. In fact, I want to BE the sun. Yes, I want to feel hot at my core--strong, self-assured, powerful. And I want my rays to spread influence. I want to make things grow. I want to crawl out of this space of sadness and worry and become radiant.

With sun on my brain, I did a little search for
sun goddesses tonight and came upon the story of Amaterasu, the Sun goddess of Japanese Shinto.

Image credit: Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865), Amaterasu Emerges from the Light

Here's her story:

"When her brother Susanowo treated her badly, she hid in the cave of heaven and closed the entrance with an enormous stone. This made the world dark, and evil spirits came out of their hiding places. In despair, a conference of the gods decided to trick Amaterasu into coming out by having a party near the cave. They put a big mirror in front of the cave and beautiful jewels on a tree. Uzume, the goddess of laughter, began a dance accompanied by loud music. Hearing the music and laughter, Amaterasu was so curious that she took a look outside to find out what was going on. She was so fascinated by her own brilliant reflection in the mirror that she came out of the cave. Finally, the light covered and colored the world. " (Windows to the Universe)

Amaterasu, please emerge from your cave! If you try, so will I.

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  1. Come visit us! We have lots of sun here in Colorado!!

    As always, dear, I love your art. All so gorgeous.