Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Steep, Perchance to Dream

mixed media collage on wood panel, 6" x6"

Art Prompt: Juxtaposition

Choose an image you often use in your art (for me, obviously, it's a bird) and juxtapose it with a random image you encounter or dream up. For example, in the above piece, I knew I wanted to use a crow, but I didn't know what to pair with it. So, I quickly scanned an old book for images and stopped at this silver pot without any conscious understanding of how it might connect to my crow. I placed them together and asked myself (and my cat Mountie), "What is the relationship between you two?" As I keep asking myself that question, I get to deeper and deeper layers of understanding. The key is to resist trying to understand right away. Allow your imagination some breathing room and take in your creation fully before creating meaning.

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  1. The Eyeless Blood Bird could often be found stealing precious family recipes from the other crows with his magical telepathy vines. No goulash was safe, and the townsfolk wisely avoided eye contact.

  2. Steve~

    I love the worlds you create from viewing my art.