Friday, April 11, 2008

Wax and Henna and New Friends

Last night was my Spring Art Show, and I was delighted to be joined by the dynamic duo of Kara and Hawk Jones! I met Kara in the blogosphere after visiting her blog 1,000 Faces of Mother Henna, and now, having met her in person, I know why I am so drawn to her work, her words, and her lovely self.

I was lucky to be Kara's first human henna canvas of the evening and here's the beauty she created for me:

I am told that this design could last up to a week on my skin. It's a good thing because I can't stop looking at it!

About 20 people participated in the art festivities last night, spreading all kinds of good energy and making some interesting connections (I love it when that happens). And I sold two mixed media pieces, as well as some prints and cards of my work.

I say a special goodbye to...

Spring Feeling and Spring on a String

Thank you to Kara and Hawk, my new friends who made the night such a delight!

Hawk, Courtney, & Kara
Note sepia tone to photograph (I tried to make it henna colored).


  1. Many thanks to you, Courtney!!! We had so much fun! I'm going to steal these photos -- is that okay? And add them to today's post on my blog which was all about last night... :) a big hug to you!!!!!!

  2. Yes, steal away, Kara!

    Thanks for such a lovely blog post on Mother Henna!