Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh So Many Buddhas

Collage painting, "Sprouting Buddha," 5" x 8"

My dear friend Angela was in town these past two weeks and I got several lovely doses of her while she was here. During one of our visits while my nephew was sleeping away listening to electronic crickets (I was babysitting), we talked a bit about Buddhism. I told her that I don't know much about Buddhism, but I am drawn to it, and I am drawn, in particular, to Buddha figures. "They give me comfort," I told her. After creating this piece above, I realize that I am responding, in part, to the calm expression of many Buddhas. There is no strain in the face, no false expression, no pretending, no mask. There is peace in the creases of the eyes, softness in the jaw.

Over these past tumultuous months, I have been bending toward things of comfort. If there were a cloak of inner peace, I'd wear it. For now, I covet soft blankets and naps. Oh my -- many naps. And I am trying to achieve a "Buddha face." On Monday when I went with my dad to his first naturopath appointment, I found myself feeling a bit more Buddha-esque. For once, my jaw was not tight during this appointment. I felt my shoulders relax. I listened to an ND give my dad some comfort (a metaphorical "cloak of peace" for him) and little bits of hope like bird seed. Man, those kernels of hope can grow beautiful sprouting things if we nurture them.

Wish me luck tomorrow as I venture into the world of oncology and CT scans with my dad. May I have a soft Buddha face and a strong daughter heart.


  1. I too am drawn to the serenity of Buddhism and meditation and made my own Zen collage last week, which, ironically. your work helped inspire. Tomorrow "let the power of your compassion arise,
    To quickly stem the flow of blood and tears."


  2. I too am calmed by images of buddha, and lately they have been popping up everywhere for me! Hope your day is full of calm buddha jaw moments!


  3. Though reading books is not really the same thing as practicing, it is often the place where many people start and if you would be interested, I have a list of books that I have been using to find out more.

    I hope that your father is feeling more comfortable after the latest procedure.


  4. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.