Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some Art Before I Depart

"Super Girl Goes to Hawaii," mixed media collage on board, 9" x 12"

This little girl keeps calling to me. She sneaked into one piece already and now here she is again. I feel like perhaps she represents a part of me--a girl I once was who still remains close to my heart. She's a bit of a mystery (hence the superhero mask). Perhaps one day I will unmask her!

I'm off to Hawaii for a week with my family. I've been to Hawaii many times and used to go with my family almost every summer as a kid. It will be quite amazing to walk the sandy beaches with dad; I haven't done that with him since I was about eight years old!

I've packed a few art supplies and I hope to do a little creating while I'm there. The best source of collage materials on the islands are all the tourist magazines and brochures. I flock to those kiosks and stockpile images. Perhaps I'll even be able to blog a few pieces, so stay tuned (I'm still not sure about the internet situation at the condo, but I will find a way!).

Again, thank you all for your continuing love and support. My little Quiet Girl community has turned into quite the little love fest lately--and boy have I needed it.

Sending you all some love back!



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  1. your art is beautiful. have a great vacation.