Saturday, August 16, 2008

Art Show

This last Thursday (August 14) I hosted my eighth art show at my home business Rising Bird Healing Arts. While I don't have an official count, my guess is that about 40 people attended this art show. It is, perhaps, a record! My home was filled to the brim with lovely friends and clients, interested art aficionados, and many new faces.

My guest artist, JC Clapp, provided the textural 3-D portion of the event with her amazing original felted handbags. If you would like to see more of JC's work (or perhaps even buy one of her fabulous pieces!), please visit her Etsy site Bagoo Bags. Her work is a combination of sweet, funky, and elegant, and each bag is made with JC's creative mind, not a pattern. I am delighted that I have a "JC original" now in my possession!

I hung 44 pieces of art this show (perhaps the most I've ever shown at once), parted with four pieces, and sold many cards and prints. Per my tradition, I will now say goodbye to the pieces that took flight on Thursday.


Nighttime Sun
Moon Wish
Winter Birds Turn Tow
ard Spring

I also want to thank the many people who came to give me hugs on Thursday. Check soon over at The Healing Nest for a more detailed post about this, but my father passed away on Tuesday and I wasn't sure I would be able to attend my own show. I wasn't sure I'd be able to stand up straight or speak or even smile. But it turned out to be a blessing to have so many lively, lovely faces around me. And my family (including some cousins up from California) stopped by as well. My mother bought Nighttime Sun, she said, because "I'm drawn to that light that exists in the darkness." [Insert deep breath here.]

I suspect my next show will be in December with another fabulous guest artist to showcase. In the meantime, I may have a show in a venue outside of my home this coming September. I'll keep you posted on that venture.

peace, love, and soft felted hugs,


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