Friday, August 08, 2008

Winter Bird

Acrylic painting on canvas, "Winter Bird," 16" x 24"

I decided to do a little painting outside today when the sun finally came out. As I was creating this piece above, I was thinking about how cheery it seemed in contrast to the quiet sadness I was feeling inside. After I completed this piece, I asked my partner for his first impressions. He said, "It's cold. This crow is sad. He's looking at a bare tree. It's winter." I had to step back. Yes, I saw it, too. But in the act of creating, the blue felt all-too vibrant, too happy. I was even criticizing myself for not truly expressing what I felt inside. When I finished, stood back, and really looked, I saw that this painting does indeed reflect how I am feeling today. It's as though it was hiding itself from me -- or I was hiding from it.


  1. courtney...i appreciate how you can express yourself in your art and writings. keeping you in my thoughts.


  2. As the sky flipped its tones and disoriented him, Crowy Crow knew these half-negative-film contacts had been a mistake.

    True, it was a joy leaving his dorky glasses back at the nest for once. But every time he opened his eyes he felt like throwing up.

    No, this would not do at all...