Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anyone Want to Give Me $2700?

"Fall Goddess," mixed media collage, 5" x 11"

The piece above is inspired by the talented Anahata Katkin. I so love Katkin's work and have been following her blog for quite some time. In her latest post, she announces that there is still room in her Bali Art Retreat. Oh my. I've been drooling all night. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Bali and now Katkin has created an opportunity to create art with her wonderful, free-spirited self in Bali -- and to stay in the Apakabar Villas. And do a whole list of other things, including traveling, getting massage and other healing sessions, watching traditional Balinese dance, going snorkeling, and more. Double oh my.

Now this $2700 doesn't include the plane ticket and other expenses, so I'm really going to need, like, $4000. Anyone just happen to have an extra four grand? I hope Katkin continues to offer these Bali Art Retreats because some day, mark my words, I'm going to go!


  1. Did you see the white sand beach photo she did a while back? It had my head spinning about how I could get there.
    If your philanthropist has an extra $4000. after yours, send him this way.

  2. Very lovely piece. I too have been dreaming of Bali....

  3. If I had it, it would be yours...