Thursday, September 18, 2008

Solace with Wax

"Solace," encaustic collage, 8" x 10"

"Figure out what rests your emotions and do it without judgment: things like getting lost in movies, TV, music, a change in scenery, a trip away, being outdoors, or just having nothing to do. Find what brings you some solace and lean toward it." (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, On Grief and Grieving)

Today I spent several hours creating encaustic pieces. I felt a little shaky at first without the kind guidance of my mentor, Mrs. Artist B, but as I played with pigmented wax and my new heat gun (!) I became "in the flow" and forgot the time entirely. This piece above (and the next few pieces I will post in the coming days) are from my hours of wax play today. I felt that the act of creating was my solace. For the past several weeks I have chosen to watch movies as a way to retreat, but today seemed like a day for color and artistic spontaneity.

Perhaps I'll save the movie for this evening (sorry Walaka!).

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