Monday, October 27, 2008

Commemorative Hand-Made Wearable Art

Apparently, the Lakeside School cross country team created these t-shirts in honor of my dad and have been wearing them for their workouts. I think they are also going to be donning (or have donned) them at the State Cross Country Meet this year.

My dad would have found this hysterical -- and a little embarrassing, shy and humble as he was. I keep being surprised by the reverberations of my dad's life. Just the other week there was an article in the Seattle Times in which a football coach at Ingraham offered thanks to my father for donating weights to the school's weight room...and now these t-shirts.

I guess each life leaves an echo. It would be quite amazing to see 30+ teenagers running around Seattle wearing these t-shirts. Keep an eye out for me, will you? And have your camera ready.


  1. Cute. He was a well loved man.

  2. Courtney, this is soooooo cool! What a great tribute. And an honoring that befits the upcoming Days of the Dead. Most people don't realize that grief is about life and death, honoring is about the ripple of life after death. We don't get to Seattle very often these days, but when there, I'll keep my eyes open!

  3. Wow. That is fantastic! How clever of the students to come up with these shirts!

  4. At last, the days of your artwork being ridiculously stretched and pixellated by are over! :)

  5. Soapy,

    It might be because it's early in the morning and I'm not quite awake, but I don't get your comment. Enlighten me?


  6. Blogspot was standardizing the size of your art to make everything fit on the main page, either by stretching or shrinking.

    In most cases, the pieces were shrunk. So if a viewer clicked the piece on the main page they'd be taken to another screen with a larger version. Shrinking the piece down to fit on the main page didn't change the quality too much.

    Far more noticeable was when the piece was smaller than the margins of the main page, so Blogspot had to stretch the image to make it fit. Some things would appear blurry and/or blocky, and viewers would have to click the image to reveal the smaller, correct version.

    It looks like the new column size is small enough that no piece will have to be stretched out, just shrunk down. Which doesn't affect the sharpness.

    For example, every image I post is a maximum of 5" wide, so it doesn't get cut off or require another screen to view.