Wednesday, October 08, 2008


"Love Blossoms," mixed media collage, 4" x 11"

I've been altering old photographs lately (hence this piece above and the last two pieces I've posted on Quiet Girl). There's something fascinating about re-inventing the past and bringing the past into the present through artistic manipulation.

The two people in the piece above are my parents who met in junior high, dated in high school, and married in 1965 when they were in their very early twenties. My brothers were born in 1968 and 1970, and then I was born in 1975 when my mom was 30 years old. This November, my parents would have been married for 43 years. My dad's birthday is also in November, and he would have been 63. My goodness, so many numbers to contemplate!

I've been feeling my mother's loss quite deeply this week. When I think about the loss of her husband--the one and only companion of her life--I feel my stomach clench with sadness. And yet, I find joy in imagining them through the years, adding color and light to the black and white, knowing that I can always bring their relationship to life with paint and wax and cut-out dragonflies and birds.

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