Monday, December 15, 2008

Art that Flew the Coop

Apparently I miscounted. I sold more than 17 pieces for my art show. It looks like the number of pieces sold is 21!

I think I was so shocked by the high number in general, I was a sloppy counter.

I now say a formal farewell to the following art pieces who departed in the generous clutches of new owners last Thursday:

Crow's Dream

Buddha and the Fish

Lone Crow is Not Lonely


Meeting at the Comb

All Possible Directions

Plant Me. I Dare You.

My Body is My Home


See Things as They Are

My Island

Summer Bird in the Autumn Tree

A Delicate Balance

Hawaiian Star Dancer

Buddha Tree

R is for Robin

[+ five new pieces I have yet to post here yet:

Three Children Dream of their Father by the Lake

Transcendent Feline

A Healing Hand


Trusting Myself]

May you all find the perfect walls to hang upon in your new homes.