Friday, December 26, 2008

Monkey Business

"Ichi the Monkey," encaustic, 6" x 6"

I was going to include this art piece in my Dec. 11 show, but I just couldn't. I pulled it off the wall before the show, knowing that "Ichi the Monkey" was to be a gift for my nephew Nicholas. He is three months shy of two years old and he is quite fond of monkeys. This art piece was clearly meant for him.

What is so lovely about having this little one in my life is that Nicholas constantly reminds me of the value of playfulness and wonder. He reminds me to look at things anew and to imagine how something could be different. With him I try on strange voices and contort my body into perplexing positions to fit into tents and onto tiny chairs. I also dance a lot more when I am with him, for Nicholas knows how to boggie oogie oogie.

My hope is that he always remembers to play -- no matter what age. May he embrace whimsy and wonder even when he encounters the seriousness of life.

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