Monday, December 01, 2008

Two Little Pieces

I meet with my friend Kristen every Monday morning for our writing group. We write, sip tea, eat, support each other, and solve the world's problems (well, more likely, we help solve each other's creative blocks). Today, instead of writing, I created art (our little group of two is creatively malleable). Here are the two little pieces that emerged this morning:

"Explore Within," mixed media collage, 3" x 5"

"Taste," mixed media collage, 4" x 5"


  1. Hi, Courtney ... I've just discovered your blog and your exquisite creations via Karin's blog (A View Beyond Words) ... Wow, what a treat ... Thank you ...

  2. Ah, creatively malleable. I love it. And I love these two pieces.