Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Deer of Potential

4" x 6" mixed media collage

Sometimes I am drawn to particular images when creating and I'm not quite sure why. Does this happen to you? Why the deer today? Why is yellow such a prominent color? I understand the egg and the wings -- two very strong symbols for me representing possibility, growth, and transformation.

I was going to name this piece Possibility or Potential, but I'm not sure either of those are "it." After all, there is that deer with a bird on its antlers and something is about to happen. But what is it? The deer is looking up--up at that flowery orb above her. Hmmm....

The creative process is such a mystery for me. I am not one of those artists who has a clear idea of what she is trying to create when sitting down to work. I have a more intuitive approach, I guess I'd say. I find myself drawn to certain colors, textures, and images and I piece them together, adding layers as I go. Put in another way, I am trying to tell a story in my art (usually the story of things/people/animals/ideas in relationship), and yet I'm often not sure what the story is. I taste a hint of it by the time I finish a piece, but my work tends to develop for me like a Polaroid picture. I have to live with it for a while before I understand.

How do you create? Do you sit down and sketch an outline of what you are going to do or do you jump into the big hole of creative mystery? Maybe your approach is a combination of those two approaches or something else entirely.

And what do you make of this deer piece? Any ideas for titles?


  1. I don;t know what it means, but "Deer of Potential" sounds just awesome.

  2. I am very much in love with this piece!

  3. I usually just sit down and see what happens but lately I have gathered specific materials. I have an idea in my head or a thought. I find it very challenging to put a name to a piece. Sometimes I have to just put the piece aside and see what comes. Living on the island, I tend to see most deer in the spring with their young ones. ??

  4. Walter: Perhaps that IS my title. Sometimes my first inclination is the one that fits the best. I'll sit with it a bit more.

    Nedra: So glad you are in love (in general...and with this piece)!

    Sue: Interesting about your process of late of having a bit more of a plan for an art piece. Sometimes I find structure freeing.

    Oh, I imagine you see deer in the spring where you are!