Thursday, February 05, 2009

Art Card Give-Away!

I'm itching to give some of my art away. I think this 29 Gifts in 29 Days Challenge has got me in quite the lovely state of giving. It's contagious! I wake up each morning wondering what I will want to give. This morning I woke up with the feeling that I have an abundance of art. Why not share it?

An assorted six-pack of my art print cards could be yours! Just post on this blog and mention something that you are grateful for. That's all you have to do! I will draw the winner's name this Sunday, February 8.

Good luck!



  1. I am grateful for so many things!!! for nature, my daughter, the love I feel in my heart and for your gifted talent and generosity, too.
    thank you!

  2. I am grateful for the spring-like weather we've been having lately. I love feeling almost-warm when I stand still in a patch of sunlight. I love seeing robins hopping around searching for worms. Though it's still winter, it's nice to anticipate the warm weather to come!

  3. Grateful for you!!!!
    Grateful for a million things:

    our little island
    finally declaring my SELF
    art, all art
    the internets :)
    digital drawing tablets
    artist dates with myself
    walks alone
    walks with friends
    sharon olds, lucille clifton, naomi shihab nye, denise levertov
    the weepies
    really dark chocolate
    the dishwasher machine
    the library
    days when i wake excited instead of depressed

    got a give-away over at my place, too, open thru Wednesday:


  4. I am grateful for red shoes!

  5. I'm grateful I found Doc Holliday and for the purple flowers I saw today.

    (it's Tori by the way)

  6. I am grateful for the support of my dear friends.


  7. I am so very grateful for the unconditional love I receive from our little dog. It is so wonderful to come home to her exuberant happy spirit.

  8. Just one thing? hmmmm....I'm grateful for the ability to create and my determination to do it. i guess that's 2 things. :)

  9. I am very thankful that I have a daughter and thus a reason to buy the toy oven set that I always wanted. And your own sense of generosity that has reminded me that I have one too (though it has not seen light for a while. Maybe I should dust it off...)