Friday, May 29, 2009


Aloha from Hawaii!

I am here on Maui with my mom on a trip of restoration and healing, and just having experienced our first full day here (yesterday), I can tell you that there is something powerful about this place. While swimming in the ocean yesterday, I felt my heart lighten, my spirits lift. And last night my mom and I had a wonderfully powerful session of talking and crying about the loss of our dad/husband. The tears felt like warm tropical rain.

I plan on doing some writing while I'm here -- as well as art. I forgot to bring art supplies this trip, so yesterday I headed to the Longs Drugs in Lahaina and purchased some inexpensive art supplies (see picture above).

And I have been collecting tourist magazines for collage-making. Stay tuned for some pieces, but for now I leave you with this photograph. Maybe it will inspire your own art.

What path are you on? What path would you like to be on? Where does the path in this photograph take you?


  1. Wish I were there right now!!

  2. I think Hawaii is about as close to heaven as you can get. That is where my sisters and I went after Daddy died.
    When we de-plane and I smell Hawaii, I immediately feel calm.

  3. The English types in my ken have been having lots of talks lately about blending the creative and the critical... looking at that image of the art supplies makes me want to do something myself.