Monday, May 04, 2009

A Horse, of Course!

Powerhorse, encaustic, 8" x 10"

During my art show** last Friday, a friend noted that this piece above included no winged creatures. So many of my art pieces (the majority of them) include birds, human or non-human figures with wings, or wing-like gestures. Powerhorse, though, is all about groundedness. No flight here. Just power, empowerment, strength, and endurance.

I've been needing this energy lately, which is why I think I created this piece. Do you find in your creative process that you create what it is that you need?

**BTW, here's a little slideshow I put on my Facebook page of my art show.


  1. I feel the energy in this piece. I really feel the need for color lately.

    I do feel that I create what it is I need. I haven't really thought about that before. I am usually a shy, quiet person. I enjoy a fairly quiet lifestyle. But then I need to break out of that and perhaps that is where my strong color and style in my art comes from.

    Hmmm, is my artwork the result of my alter ego? Or is it the real me? Should I stop and think about this or should I just keep on going with what I've been doing?

  2. Kim,

    I, too, love experimenting with other sides of myself (or barely-there aspects of myself) in my art.

    I say keep on creating and being inspired by yourself!