Saturday, May 23, 2009

Revisiting the Quickie

The Listening Effect, mixed media collage

Remember the quickie from my last post? Well, I revisited this 15-minute piece and decided to push it to the edge, risking ruining it, hating it. That's the key for me. To experience full creative freedom, I have to feel okay about making something ugly. (BTW, my safety net for this letting go process comes in the form of technology. I have a digital copy of my first piece, so my first effort is never lost.)

So I added more paint colors and drew and scribbled and outlined and wrote all over this piece. At one point in the beginning of my altering process, my partner said quite alarmingly, "It looks like he's in jail!" "Horizontal jail?" I asked. "Well, I guess now he looks more like he's in a book," he said. Ah-ha! So, I wrote all over the piece using my partner's observations for inspiration. And in another 20 minutes or so, here we have version number two, which I now call The Listening Effect.

If you feel like your quickie need a bit more attention, feel free to embellish with wild abandon, not worrying one inch about whether or not this version is "better" or "worse" than the first version. Move quickly and follow your gut. Your body will guide you.

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