Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Fly

Flying to Find Herself, mixed media collage, 5" x 8"

The other week I was having a deep conversation with a dear friend of mine who is going through a major life transition. She asked me about my major life transition (which happened, oh, about five or so years ago) and I told her that through the turmoil and pain, I began to fly. At first I felt little feather wisps of air. Then, my feet felt lighter on the earth--and so did my heart. Then, I lifted up and up and saw my life from above. I saw what it could be. I began to do things that resonated with me to the core. Suddenly, I was actualizing, doing, becoming, being entirely myself.

So this above piece is dedicated to her. There are many ways to fly in this world. Sometimes all we need is a dream. Other times, we need a flower and fish and some surf to ride on. In any case, may we all remember our potential to fly. May we discover what lifts us up, fills us. Think of the power of a deep breath staying full in the body for a long time. That is how we fly. We chose to take a leap or ride a wave and follow where it takes us. We find we meet ourselves on our journey and say, yes, I recognize you, you're that woman who lifts up, lets go, and flies.


  1. THIS is weird.
    I just posted that I believed I could fly and then started checking my blogs. Your's was first. What do I see? A woman flying.

  2. This conveys such a bouyant, effervescent mood and simply radiates joy and hope. I think it's one of the best things you've done, Courtney.

  3. Binky, what a marvelous synchronicity! You CAN fly! I've seen it!

    Thank you, Alberta. I love that word: effervescent!