Sunday, June 14, 2009

Header Under Construction

I'm feeling the need to re-new my Quiet Girl heading so tonight, at 11:00pm, just as my eyes are getting droopy and the screen is getting blurry, I'm calling it a night. I'm working on something fun and vibrant for the header--perhaps this parrot, perhaps not--but something new will be here soon.

So pardon the strange layout in the meantime.

And if anyone out there knows how to get this Blogger template to center an image in the rounded-corner header, I would love to know! Blogger likes to shift the images to the right -- and right off the header background.




  1. One way you might overcome the centering issue is to add your own fake black border around the right side of the image. That way no matter how off-center pushes it, it will still have the same rounded framing. I'll email you an example.

    Part of the reason I went with an all-black background and a mostly-black header graphic was this very issue. Taming the layout can be maddening!

  2. Love the parrot and burst of light energy all around it's *crown*!! I have no clue about how to center the image - maybe it needs to be formatted smaller, or it's supposed to shift, looking like a shadow?! Anyway, it looks great to me :)

  3. Oh MAN. It looks like the system is going to thwart you no matter what. Like some kind of rubber-glue jujitsu imp.

  4. time to choose another template?

    what'cha think?