Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Offering

Offering, mixed media collage, 8" x 10"

I touch him where it hurts--
his back, sore from 35 days hammocked in a hospital bed--
rub lotion into the dry patches chemo has left,
and with my hands massaging the taught tender
muscles of his trapezius, I search for that one elusive thing
that neither of us can name.

I feel it in my own body, thumping behind my sternum,
a little fist inside with a fight song beat.
So I lay my hands on my father's back, pressed behind his heart,
and with each beat I feel in my chest, I send him jolts
of this unspeakable thing: hope, my hands transmit,
hope, here is hope.

from a poem in progress called Hope Transfusion


Try this:

Think about an offering you have given recently. Perhaps it was to a person -- or maybe it was an animal or to the earth. An offering isn't simply a gift or a gesture. There is an intention of sacredness implied with an offering. Perhaps you can explore what this memory of an offering (or the meaning of offerings in general) means to you through writing and/or art. And please feel free to share in the comments box.

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