Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunset Art

Maui, Hawaii (May/June 2009)

I can take no credit for the composition, color, and overall beauty of this sunset. It was just the old digital camera's shutter action taken at the right time.

But even so, I see my heart in there, somewhere in that scattering of clouds, diffused with fading sunlight. So my "brush stroke," so to speak, is in this photo, known only to me (and now you), becoming part of this moment. My heart is half-full, half flattened. Half-remembering, half trying-to-forget. But mostly just beating. Beating. My do I miss this magical place.

Try this:

Find yourself in a photo you've taken. The catch: you are not actually (physically) in the photo at all. Feel free to post in the comments box and link to your photo w/a statement of how you are "in" the photo.


  1. hi courtney,
    i took your photo challenge and here is the post:)
    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. such a fun prompt courtney!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the prompt, Jenna! What a powerful photo, and your presence in that photograph is so clear. Lovely.