Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Writerly Goodies

Writing Goddess, mixed media collage, 8" x 10"

Some writerly opportunities have blown my way recently and I want to share them with those of you creative types who also dabble in writing as well as visual art.

As I began compiling this list, I realized how lucky I am to know these women. Boy do I have some talented friends!

My friend Corbin Lewars is facilitating a workshop this fall called "Get Your Stories off Your Computer and Into Print" (Tuesdays, 6-8:00 pm October 6th-November 3rd in Ballard/Seattle). For more information about her workshop, visit Corbin's website here. And for some witty, authentic stories about motherhood, visit her Reality Mom blog here.

My friend Kristen Bergsman will be teaching a FREE class at St. Edward State Park in Kenmore on August 19th. "Sticks, Stones & Animal Bones: Creative Nature Journaling" is open to adults and kids (ages 8+). The class size is limited to 16 people, and registration just opened. Class and registration info are available here. For more information about Kristen, visit her Laughing Crow Curriculum website here.

My friend Tatyana Mishel is a writer and life coach, who has a website and blog that will knock your socks off and make you want to take positive action in your life. Visit Write Now for a taste of Tatyana's no-nonsense, compassionate, and motivating approach.

My friend and grad school classmate Antionette Brim is publishing her first book of poetry, Psalm of the Sunflower. I am so delighted for her! Check out her website here, and learn more about her new book!

My friend Kara Jones over at 1,000 Face of Mother Henna Blog has a cool video up now on how to make a 16-page mini-book. Check out Kara's blog and websites for all of her creative prompts, inspirations, and healing activities.

My friend Clea Danaan has a new book out called Voices of the Earth: The Pathway to Green Spirituality. Check it out here on her website. You can also check out her thoughtful, earthy Intuitive Gardening blog.

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