Monday, July 27, 2009

What's Underneath

Undercurrent, encaustic w/coffee grounds, 10" x 12"

In college I had a writing professor, who, knowing my self-consciousness about my quietude, said to me, "Courtney, still water runs deep. That's how you are." It was such a gift for her to re-frame something that I used to agonize over. (I even created a performance art piece about my being quiet, which ended up becoming a "coming out" of sorts for my quietude. In a way, during the performance, I was the loudest I had ever been, and it was quite the breakthrough).

So this piece honors the depths of me, the undercurrent of my life, the things that I hold deep inside and show the world when I feel safe and sure.

What do you hold in your own personal undercurrent? What depths do you hold within you? And when do you feel you are able to show these depths--these gifts to the world? What symbols represent what runs deep with in you? When do you feel free to reveal what's underneath?


  1. i love how your questions inspire me to think deeper - go deeper... wishing i could respond with a post or some art, but that will have to wait. I LOVE THIS PIECE!!! how do you use coffee grounds? need to play with encaustic again soon... peace, jennifer

  2. Thank you, Jennifer!

    I glue coffee grounds to my substrate and then paint wax over them. I suppose you could do that with anything -- rock salt, moss, dirt, pebbles.

    When I'm in a hurry I don't glue the coffee grounds and I make a total mess (and get coffee grounds everywhere). It's actually kind of fun and I end up mixing coffee grounds into one of my tins of melted pigmented wax, so when I paint, the coffee grounds come along for the ride.

    Hope you can get to creating soon!


  3. Courtney, This is incredibly beautiful. It is my favorite piece of yours, by far, and I love so much of your work. The colors, the images, if this is what you are keeping inside, LET IT OUT as often as possible! Seriously, I thought about the question you posed because I want to know what I am keeping inside until I feel safe, and I honestly can't answer the question, Maybe I don't feel secu enough, even with myself, to even thin about it yet, but I hopeto. Like Jennifer, I visit your blog because you make me think, and then you reward me with the lovliness of your art. I have something for you on my blog, if you have a chance to stop by and pick it up. You don't have to pass it along, because I know that takes a great deal of time, but you can, if you choose to. Thank you for making me think and, very often, for making me smile.

  4. Jesusbird alighted on the fetal artichoke and prepared to dig in. The bloodyoke sun shone brightly above the hillside.

    "My followers have done well," he thought, "sowing the earth with dead fishies, watering thrice a week with the blood of unruly newborn babies."

    The fetal nutrients now surging through the artichoke promised a glorious transformation to anyone bold enough to absorb them.

    Jesusbird looked forward to his transformation, as he would awaken tomorrow morning a wholly new being - part bird, part fish, part human, and part plant! A master race to RULE OVER ALL! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!