Sunday, August 09, 2009

Letting Everything Go...

As it Goes, encaustic, 6" x 6" on panel board

This is a week for letting things go as they go. It takes some strength and clear intention to let go of control. I'm noticing how much I want to control how I feel this week, as this week is the one-year anniversary of my dad's death (or my dad "moving to another state" as my friend Karen likes to call it).

I am trying to embrace the idea that what I feel is what I feel. How it goes is how it goes. Wednesday will come and it will go and I will mark the day with my family. We will be however we will be. Creating too many scripts feels exhausting (and truth to tell, my dad would be embarrassed by too much fanfare, too much planning and troubling ourselves). But there will be ritual and there will be intentional moments. I am just learning to let go of how it all turns out. I am learning to let go of perfection. I am learning to let the universe hold me in its arms. I am learning to breathe in what is.

Is there something in your life that you'd like to just let go as it goes? A feeling your having? A relationship you're in? A creative project? What can use a little less of your control? What could use a bit more letting go?


  1. What a beautiful piece! Followed by such wise words. Yes, I am in that same place. Letting go and trusting that the Universe will hold you, and no matter how much you try to control the script of emotions and feelings, it will never look or feel the way that you thought. Yes, letting go and trusting is the answer. Thank-you for posting this. You're beautiful =)

  2. Thank you for your words, Shayde. I just visited your wonderful, vibrant blog and I look forward to visiting on a regular basis.

    Thank you for making yourself known here and entering my world!


  3. Letting go of control is my greatest challenge. What was necessary in the past may not be healthy in the present, and I have to work conciously on this every day. I can tell from the serenity of the encaustic portrait of your father that the past year has brought you much needed solace. May your blessings continue.

  4. Thank you for your note, Alberta. I resonate with your journey with staying in the present moment with what is best.

    And thank you for your blessings.