Thursday, August 13, 2009

Your 34 Suns

Touched by 34 Suns, 10" x 12" encaustic

A writing prompt:

Pretend you have 34 suns inside you, burning bright. Can you name them? I know somewhere inside of me lives "solar panic," "pelvic glow," "sunflower center," and "passionista." What suns live inside of you?


  1. I can only see five at the moment...

    raging red giant

    flaming ball of fury

    searing bitterness

    white-hot hatred

    blazing strangulation

    There might be others, but the first five tend to eclipse everything else.

  2. Ah yes, the sun is fire energy -- and that can manifest as anger, too.

    Steve, when I read your first description, I thought you had written, "raging giant ant"!

    I'm wondering what you creativity looks like in this writing exercise. I'm thinking of your raw fingers from guitar playing and and the hum in your heart guiding your playing...


  3. hey Courtney,
    I just realized that you responded to an old comment i never saw... forgot to click on the "email follow up comments"... oops!
    this is a link to a post where i uploaded some of my encaustics i did last summer....

    i am gearing up to do some more buddha stuff - and i just saw some of your most recent posts... i am in love with your "letting everything go as it goes..." piece. i have a little sign in my car that says, "may it all be" and it reminds me of that.

    all i have to say is that - i am enamored (sp?) with your work and really do get so inspired when i check out your blog.

    peace and hugs back,

    ps. suns inside of me right now:

    happy heart radiance
    little girl glow
    bright yellow love
    shiny techno rays

  4. hi Courtney, love this new piece!
    some of my suns include
    rising hum,
    golden glow,
    belly burner,
    ring-around-I'm rosy,
    flame fighter,
    head heater,
    heart healer,
    warm embrace,
    balancing round,
    setting slow down...

  5. Beautiful pice of art!!

    Hmmm, some of my names might be:

    Warrior of light
    Enfolding warmth
    Heartbeat's partner
    Home of Agni
    Mistress of Action
    Humming firelight
    Expansive love
    Hearth fire
    Blood minder
    Flame stoker
    Exhilarated peace

  6. Fantastic! I'm loving all your sun names! Keep 'em coming!