Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Manifest Nest

Manifest Nest, 8" x 8" encaustic on 1" board

I keep searching for my nest--
the one that will appear
between the storm-parted branches
or Fall's gravitational pull.

Until then, I keep my head up,
skyward, where my father's eyes live,
between the cirrus clouds, deep into the blue.

Home is somewhere between sky and branch,
in that place where I manifest my life without
him. So I wait for a nest to emerge
as the leaves release their grip on summer
and accept their flight to earth.

- Courtney Putnam


  1. I feel your pain and sense of hope. when my father died I lost a dear soulmate. finally I began to dream about him and suddenly I realized that he was even closer to me in death, because he was somehow inside of me, rather than separate. I love your encaustic piece.

  2. Your creative self can be a life raft at times like these.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your grief.

  3. Thank you for the love and support, everyone. I love the idea of my art being a life raft, as well as the idea that my dad is inside of me, rather than separate.


  4. Courtney,
    Beautiful poem, my friend.
    I will be sure to share it with A.