Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Bloom in the Dark Months

Fruits of my Abundance, encaustic, 6" x 6"

Sometimes it's hard to think of ways in which nature might provide abundance as we fall into autumn and winter. I do miss the "fruits" of spring and summer. The blooming and new growth help me feel that I am growing and blooming, too!

The other day when taking a walk with my friends J and her little D, we walked through crunchy leaves and the sun even graced us with its soothing rays. That walk felt fairly fruitful as it so happens. And while the leaves on the sidewalks were in a sense "dead," they represent renewal as they will decay and help the soil for the spring. Fruitfulness to come! After the walk, I began to think of the ways in which I was going to create a sense of abundance even now, in the midst of fall. How can I bloom without a certain amount of sunlight? I'll create inner light, I thought. how to do that is the next phase of my process.

How do you experience or manifest fruits of abundance during these cooler, soggy days?


  1. I plant things when the weather goes dark and cold. Helps me remember Winter is only temporary, helps me to look forward to Spring. BTW, I think that encaustic is really gorgeous.

  2. I love this idea, Steph! In fact, my friend Juliet is getting me involved in building some raised beds this fall and we're going to plant! Yes, looking forward to spring is always brings the light inside me.


  3. Courtney.. this is a beautiful piece. I enjoy the colors and feeling it brings.

    A warm fire, cup of tea, blanket and something to read. All while listening to the wind and rain and the wonderful sounds they make while nestled in warmth.