Friday, October 09, 2009

Manifesting Abundance

Above is the lid to my abundance box for motivation. I created this box with the intention of enhancing my motivation for tackling certain challenging obstacles in my practice. In this box I have placed words, phrases, and objects which represent what I wish to accomplish. I've also placed little cheer-leading phrases to help me along, too: little bits of inspiration which remind me why it is that I want to do what I want to do. (BTW, isn't it funny how we often need motivation to do things that we WANT to do? Sometimes what we want is a little scary or challenging or there are difficult steps in the way of the desired end result.)

So I've just introduced you to an abundance box -- a box to represent what it is you wish to manifest in your life. I have created several of them throughout my life, particularly during transitions -- changes in jobs, relationships, etc. I've created a relationship box, a creativity box, a spirituality box, and a wealth box to name a few. All of these boxes have helped me to clarify my ideals, visions, priorities, and goals. I've also noticed that these boxes have helped healed some old wounds because they focus on positive intentions and not old, negative patterns or events.

I believe that one key way to attracting what you want is to identify what you want, set a positive intention for getting it, and creating a symbolic representation of your desires. An abundance box does just that: it becomes a receptacle for your dreams. The process of decorating the box and placing meaningful words and objects inside can also be revealing in and of itself. Perhaps we don't realize what it is we want until we explore our desires through art-making. For the box above, I began by creating a prosperity box for my business and then I took an interesting turn. The word motivation came to me full-force, like a crisp autumn wind, and I felt my body say a resonant "yes, I need motivation in order to get prosperity." Ah-ha. Who knew that's what I needed!

If you are at all interested in exploring the art of abundance box creation, please join me on October 17 for an afternoon of setting intentions, dreaming big dreams, and playing with the laws of attraction. I'd love to see what you wish to manifest!

Intentional Desires: An Abundance Box Workshop
Saturday, October 17, 1-4pm

For more information about this workshop, please click here.


  1. soooo wish i lived close to you so i could take this workshop!!! but, you have inspired me - i need to do a box!!!!! just not sure what kind yet - perhaps a "letting go" or "courage" or "dream" box???? or maybe all three! is there a word that would fit all of these three themes within it?
    peace and mindfulness,

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! Yes, create a box! You can create a specific box or one big DREAM box that encompasses all that you are dreaming of!

    peace and abundance,