Saturday, May 01, 2010

Time Enough for Questions

Time Enough for Questions, encaustic, 12" x 12"

This piece lives with some good friends of mine and they were gracious enough to allow me to photograph it when I visited them today. Occasionally I will forget to photograph or scan my art before an art show (do any of you artists out there become rather frazzled and brain fried before a show like I do?) and this was one of those pieces. Thankfully, I now have electronic copies and will now share the piece with you!

Here are some close-up shots from the piece:

I purchased these watch pieces at Zenith Supplies in my neighborhood of Seattle. My friend Karen said that you can also purchase great objects like these at the Sunday Fremont Market.

A bird, of course!

Roots: my symbol for strength, resilience, and personal growth.


  1. I forget to photgraph all of the time. I mourn the ones that go without leaving the reminder of them with me. It's something I really want to change.

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